Decorating Albie’s room

Last weekend we decorated the living room , we’ve just got the finishing touches to add and then I’ll share.  We’ve lived in this house since September 2016 and have just enoyed living in it to be honest but now is the time to out our stamp on it!

So after the livingroom, its the turn of the kid’s bedrooms and Albie’s is up first.  His room is fairly small (although not as small as our last house) so we’ll have to be a bit clever I think.  When we moved Albie requested a ‘higher bed’ by this he meant a cabin bed.  We decided that because it’s such a small room that it would be good if the bed was open underneath so that we could store toys under it and it gave some more floor space for him to play.  In all honesty, I think we may have been a bit too hasty with the choice of bed for Albie as whilst it’s is off the floor, it’s probably too low to make full use of the underneath.

At the moment the room is painted in a yucky sludgy brown/beige colour and not very inspiring at all.  I really have no idea what I’d like to do in there so, as always -Pinterest comes to the rescue!  I’m keen for the decor to last a few years so don’t want it too young looking

Here’s some ideas from Pinterest.


We want whatever we choose to be one that’ll stick for afew years and the trouble i with 4 year olds is that they’re fickle.   Albie’s likes and dislikes change as often as his pants!  With this in mind, I like the idea of the theme being in details such as pictures and cushions.  That way when the wind changes and he decides that he’s not keen on Superheros anymore, we don’t have to change the whole room.  I really like the geometric wallpaper as this adds more of a ‘grown up’ element which will be able to grow with him.

We may swap his current bed for this one from Ikea.  We’ll be able to have so much more storage underneath than he has now and will give him more floor space to play in.  Albie is very used to climbing up and down bunk ladders as Oscar and Mabel had bunkbeds in our last house.

I’d love to create a nice cosy space for him.  At the moment he often plays with his toys in the living room or in Oscar and Mabel’s rooms.  So I really want a space where he is keen to play (less mess in the living room!) and also just to chill out.  Albie starts school in September and I know the older two value their personal space once school has finished so it’ll be good to create that for Albie.

Another idea is to have a small desk under the desk so that he can sit and drawer or do lego (again less mess elsewhere!).  This desk looks amazing as it grows with your child.  Good old Ikea, at only £50 it’s an fantastic price.

Its’s giving us a lot of food for thought at the moment.  We’re enjoying putting our own stamp on this house, creating amazing spaces.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has some ideas or suggestions…..








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  1. Jo
    July 9, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Have you seen the lego wallpaper stuff you can get, it looks fab! It’s called lego tape! Also how about vinyl stickers to go on the wall of superheroes? They look pretty cool and don’t leave a mark so when you wanna change you can easy enough!

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