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I thought I’d check in quickly. We’ve had a busy few weeks here at King Towers. We’ve pretty much been adjusting to home/school/work life after the holidays.
Firstly, the kids have all gone back to school. Albie started school, something he had been ready for for what seems like forever! He’s grown up watching Oscar & Mabel going into school and being picked up. He’s totally used to standing at the school gates and in the playground waiting for them. So it was now his turn to join them. He was beside himself with excitement leading up to his first day. We bought all his uniform whatnot the week before. I washed said uniform twice on the lead up to his first day because he was so desperate to wear it, bless him! We’re still in the ‘settling in’ phase which is frustrating and we all can’t wait until he’s in full time. The long & the short of it is that he’s enjoying it. His teacher has described him as ‘chatty’!


School 1

Albie’s first day at school


The return to school has brought about the usual whirlwind that all working parents will recognise. The mornings and their constant ‘reminders’ to get dressed, do their reading & GET YOUR SHOES ON on what feels like loop! Then the reverse of that after we’ve retrieved the children from their both sets of Grandparents which is where they’re going after school pick up; James’ parents for Albie who is doing half days and my Mum (and Dad after he finishes work) for Oscar and Mabel at school home time. We then have the quick bath, play, bedtime whilst we prepare for the next day; lunches, uniforms blah blah blah.   Albie is now FINALLY at school full time so we’re looking forward to getting into the new family routine.

James and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at the beginning of September. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since our wedding day! We had an evening out whilst the kids had a sleepover at my parents. We had thought about going away but it coincided with Albie’s first week at school so in the end we decided to go low key. We had a lovely bike ride the following morning to a nearby town for breakfast. Although, me being my clumsy self, wobbled my bike into a flower display in the middle of town!


We’ve had another step toward a parental milestone. We’ve started to look at senior schools for Oscar! It’s a bit of a scary and unknown area for us. Myself, James and Oscar went to an open evening at one of the schools this last week. James and I were impressed. The young people that we met were confident and engaging. We walked around moving between the various departments and buildings. One of the first departments we went to was the PE department. Now Oscar is not a sporty boy. He’s tried his hand at a few sports but it’s just not his bag. So when one of the PE teachers asked him ‘which is your favourite sport?’ Oscar replied ‘oh well I don’t really like sport, I like science!’ Bless my ‘little’ geeky boy. The moment we walked into the science labs Oscar was captivated. There were various areas with children demonstrating different scientific principles with the excitement of Bunsen burners and interesting potions!


So, there you go…..a whirlwind trip into our life over the last month or so!



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